Monday, February 23, 2009

And the winner is..

so last night was the Oscars party that my friend Steven always throws every year. the party has been going for like six years or so and it started in college. the party has better every year. first it was just him and I and our friend Will eating mojo potatoes nowadays the party has grown to like 3 more people and its always a good time.

long story short: i got pretty crunk. i ate a lot of rise crispy treats. ate a lot of those chicken wings. and its' come to me that I kinda need to find "someone special." going solo to these parties is great and all but dammit i need a change.

in other news:

1. i just discovered the show Damages. its the best drama series I've seen since Mad Men.

2. i think i have crush on that bat for lashes girl.