Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Day/Bad Day

First with the good:

1. Manny Ramirez is now a Dodger.
2. The Avalanches' 2nd album is coming really soon.

and now The Bad....

1. I had the worst burger for lunch. It was the loaded steakhouse burger from a popular fast food restaurant. I don't want to say but its the one with the dude with the crown on it.


After one bite.

It was like eating a wet sponge.


The patty tasted like a limp sausage patty. It didn't even taste like beef at all which is probably the scariest thing of all.


Avoid this burger at all costs.


Its ok.

I am strong.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well. Its summer. and Summer can only mean one thing. ANTS. They are everywhere around the house. Now I can't be my filthy self and occassionally drop bread crumbs on the ground knowing that when i wake up theres going to be a gabillion ants eating a little piece of bread.

I guess it could be worse. I could wake up and see those ants that were in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

That would be SCARRRRYYYYYY.

I definitely would be content in cleaning my kitchen table if in the likelihood those scary ants won't have to appear.

In other news:

I keep seeing the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine (Zach De La Rocha) in my neighborhood. Usually see him at nearby "hip" restaurants. He doesn't have dreads anymore. Nowadays he's sporting a mini fro. Hopefully if I see him at The Oinkster I'll tell him that "Killing in the name of," is still a great jam.



Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July wrap up.

In the last few days.

-Watched Season 3 of The Wire. The Wire is probably the best show I've ever seen on television. Though not as good as Season 1 it was light years better than Season 2.

-Drank half of a jaeger.

-Drank a ton of Coke.

-Played a shitload of Ninja Gaiden II (my thumbs hurt)

-Realized I want a SUPER PLATE. JEEZY.

-Had the best cheeseburger (Kobe Burger) in a long time at TOPS in Pasadena

-Read a lot of interesting blogs. Hmn. It was interesting. Fun though.

-Did a ton of THINKING.

-Decided I need to get back in the dating world.

Nevertheless I wouldn't be doing a majority of these things IF I was doing this instead:


I'd like a date.

Wishes Part I

1. Somehow get on live television. Say something really stupid. Follow that up with a "HOLLA" that lasts a good 10 seconds.

2. Have lunch with Rick Ross

3. Have a popular blog which in return leads to two book deals/TV shows/cover story for a major metropolitan (cough NEW YORK cough) magazine.

4. Attend the BET awards/after party.

5. 2 Season seats to Dodger Stadium (forevs)

6. Interview Chris Martin and Bono in the same room.

7. Perfect the chicken quesdilla.

8. Win a Pulitzer. Say "Holla" during the ceremony.

9. Throw a 90 mph fastball or have the ability to sink a medium ranged jump shot. Proceed to garner a undeserved big money contract. Soon after retirement successful run a chain of fast food restaurants which prolongs by delusions of grandeur as a former athlete.

10. Own a Coca Cola factory.