Thursday, March 29, 2007

George Michael's Freedom

ive had this blog for around 3-4 weeks now. and just assessing the whole thing i've realize that its been a big failure. its really in due part because i've been so busy lately with work that i havent had time to update the blog and constantly keep everyone intrigued as to what i've been doing lately. well first off i'm not doing much secondly i dont think anyone really cares about whether or not i meet celebrties and hang out at some of the hottest parties ever. i think people really want to know why i think the video for george michael's freedom is one of the best videos ever.

first off here is the video:

so now you're wondering why i enjoy this video. besides having some of the hottest chicks to ever grace the earth. i think the one in the short hair is my favorite. the video does have a few cool things:

1. its shot really well
2. i really enjoyed bra cam.
3. there's that really subtle moment were cindy crawford sorta like brushes her breast. i dont know its so awkward but she does it and you sorta have to wonder if the director was like "okay cindy, just improv for me a little bit."
4. i really think exploding juke boxes are pretty fucking cool.
5. the burning of leather jackets was a nice touch. i think everyone has to agree that wearing a leather jacket is lame. sure we know about the fonz but like do we ever really wear a leather jacket out to public? recently i was at the dresden in los feliz and some dude was wearing leather pants and i just felt embarassed for the guy because i dont know leather just seems made for like a couch or on a car chair but strapped onto your leg.
6. lastly i think the song really has a message. it is about freedom ya know.


Norquest said...

I have a leather jacket John... god you're such an asshole... you were talking about me when you said leather jackets were lame... i know it... I KNOW IT!!

tinalou said...

hey. i have a leather jacket too. and it rocks (sorry, raawwks!!). leather pants, eh, not so much.

your cuz