Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July wrap up.

In the last few days.

-Watched Season 3 of The Wire. The Wire is probably the best show I've ever seen on television. Though not as good as Season 1 it was light years better than Season 2.

-Drank half of a jaeger.

-Drank a ton of Coke.

-Played a shitload of Ninja Gaiden II (my thumbs hurt)

-Realized I want a SUPER PLATE. JEEZY.

-Had the best cheeseburger (Kobe Burger) in a long time at TOPS in Pasadena

-Read a lot of interesting blogs. Hmn. It was interesting. Fun though.

-Did a ton of THINKING.

-Decided I need to get back in the dating world.

Nevertheless I wouldn't be doing a majority of these things IF I was doing this instead:


I'd like a date.

1 comment:

Skye said...

Lmao. one day john, one day. Spendin Cheese, doing the Dame Dash dance with a bottle in your left hand.