Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wishes Part I

1. Somehow get on live television. Say something really stupid. Follow that up with a "HOLLA" that lasts a good 10 seconds.

2. Have lunch with Rick Ross

3. Have a popular blog which in return leads to two book deals/TV shows/cover story for a major metropolitan (cough NEW YORK cough) magazine.

4. Attend the BET awards/after party.

5. 2 Season seats to Dodger Stadium (forevs)

6. Interview Chris Martin and Bono in the same room.

7. Perfect the chicken quesdilla.

8. Win a Pulitzer. Say "Holla" during the ceremony.

9. Throw a 90 mph fastball or have the ability to sink a medium ranged jump shot. Proceed to garner a undeserved big money contract. Soon after retirement successful run a chain of fast food restaurants which prolongs by delusions of grandeur as a former athlete.

10. Own a Coca Cola factory.

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